A new video demonstrating how to treat babies and children with Tuina, a massage therapy based on Chinese Medicine.

This video demonstrates a complete treatment that is suitable for a variety of digestive-related problems:

Abdominal pain
colic pain
bloated abdomen
Restlessness and difficulty sleeping that are related to various abdominal issues

It is worthwhile and possible to perform the massage every day at home,
the demonstrated techniques are pleasant and easy to performThe massage is very effective and sometimes helps immediately and over time brings healing and comfort.

The rubs are gentle, it should be noted that the depth of touch is slightly deeper than caressing but with intention, repetition and rhaythm, each technique is performed over about two minutes.

The time of day when the massage is performed does not matter, but it is best to perform it while the baby is as calm and cooperative as possible, some of the techniques can be performed even while sleeping and will not wake the baby.
It is advisable to sing to the baby during the massage and ask for help from another adult present who will engage the baby with a game during the massage if necessary.

For any questions regarding the care of babies and children with Tuina, please contact me and I will be happy to help.


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