"Anat is one of the best teachers  I have met so far. 
I participated in her training 2014 first time. I was impressed by her knowledge, skills and the way of transferring knowledge, first of all. That's why I and my colleague  invited her to Warsaw where she conducted 2 trainings: Tuina Massage for Children and Tuina Massage for Adults.
These were excellent trainings with lots of practical exercises and the necessary theory. Especially, it was very valuable experience to observe Anat working with invited patients. Anat has great skills, great knowledge, but above all, a big heart, patience and compassion for patients and her students.
In everyday practice I use that Anat thought me. 
Thank you Anat." -Leszek Waniek, Poland


"I am so thankful I was in a Anat class. She showed me amazing Tuina techniques so helpful in a clinic. I used it and it works like a magic treatment especially for children. Anat showed me how important is not only techniques but also heart and taking care space for a patient. Learning from Anat is lecture about growing in skills and in a heart space." – Izabela Mietka, Poland


"It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Anat Regev as a teacher of TCM theory and practical issues. She is well educated and professionally prepared for this task, but moreover she has the unique personality which enables her to spread the knowledge and experience she gained during her studies and clinical practice. Her patience, empathy, clarity of explaining the health issues gives the participants of her courses the special opportunity to learn the essence of TCM. Her work during supervisions enables the students to learn the correct approach to the patients, take responsibility for the them and get the proper tools to provide the right therapy, which is specially important in contact with children.
She has a very special spark, and I trust she will go far in making our world a better place." – Marta Niziol, Poland

"Anat Regev was my student, my personal assistant in workshops and a teacher at the TCM department at my school. Anat has always been very professional and highly esteemed as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and as a teacher.
I recommend Anat's lectures and workshops which are in a high academic standard and contribute for a better practical and personal development."- Tuvia Scott, Head of TCM Dept. Campus Broshim, Health and Sports Center At the Tel Aviv University


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